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Want to connect to the UNY-IX? Here’s how…

Membership Costs and Levels

UNY-IX offer free port 1G/10G/40G for content provider; Rather, you are initially given a single GigEthernet port, but if your needs are greater than that, you’re able to expand as necessary. We also allow LAGs if you need that more than.

Become Member UNY-IX

  • Own Public Anynous System Number (ASN)
  • In addition to having an ip4 prefix you are required to have an ipv6 prefix as well
  • Have NOC with 24x7 Hours
  • Have more knowledge about bgp, a good and friendly personality ;)
  • Your ASN number from an email / domain associated with its whois record.
  • You will respect all Members and Partners and use the UNY-IX with care
  • You should be able to get your network physically connected to the UNY-IX

Steps for Connecting

  • Acknowledge all logistical and technical requirements
  • Please fill in the form at link Join Us
  • Upon link up, UNY-IX will issue a v4 & v6 allocation. (New member may be placed in a quarantine network segment for initial turn-up)
  • Configure the required looking glass BGP sessions and optional route server sessions
  • Start passing traffic! and happy peering